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AmaJuda - Jewish Warriors Track

The AmaJuda Track of the Warriors Academy caters to the needs of Jewish Teens from different countries and backgrounds. The Warriors Academy creates a challenging, safe and structured environment, building resilience and character through the challenge of adventure.  Warriors provides young men and women with skills and experiences needed to succeed at university, career and life; supporting young adults through their transition into adulthood. One can join for a year or choose between four semesters or Quests making this program very versatile and adaptable to your needs. Each Quest explores a different part of Southern Africa. The AmaJuda Track will provide all the adventure and challenges of the Warrior Academy and is also designed to develop the Jewish teen.  AmaJuda will address all the modern day issues facing the modern day Jew – issues of Jewish identity, Zionism, Israel, the rise of anti Semitism as well as the relevance of our Jewish Heritage and the role of ritual and tradition in our lives.  AmaJuda is a self contained program with its own Madrich in addition to the Warriors facilitators; they will however have interactions with the mainstream Warriors further expanding their horizons.

This is not a religious or a kiruv program but will be an environment that is Kosher with adherence to Shabbat and the Chagim.