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The Leadership Walkabout

“People always form tribes, and the dominant cultural stage (of the tribe) determines effectiveness. The way to move the entire tribe’s performance to the next level is to move the critical mass to the next stage. This process involves moving many people upward, individually, by facilitating them to use a different language, and to shift their behavior accordingly. As that happens, the tribe itself will produce a new, self-sustaining culture.”

“Each person in this tribe is on a journey through the stages, and the tribe makes that journey long or short. The job (of) a Tribal Leader is to expedite this journey for each person, so that a new critical mass forms. When that happens, the tribe will see itself as a tribe and embrace you as the leader."

The Leadership Walkabout workshop has got all the elements and processes of the Toltec workshop with an added experiences and learning aimed at the management and leadership of the Organization. The aim is to move the individuals to truly embrace and ultimately embody the concept of BEING a TRIBE, one tribe. The LW is positioned to address the following:


The purpose of the LW is to create an environment, which provides participants with an opportunity to experience, to accept, and to share themselves openly and spontaneously, and to more fully experience themselves as the source of the excellence of their life. They are given the opportunity to discover and fully experience those parts of themself, which may not have been brought to full potential. For example: spontaneity, commitment, personal power, sense of self-worth, interpersonal risk, etc.

The LW provides an opportunity for participants to deal with beliefs or feelings about past events or relationships so as to be more able to live in the here and now and to experience it more readily and fully. The LW workshop provides further opportunity for them to see the value of - and experience - being more responsible for their relationships, their job and your experience of life, both personal and professional.


The LW provides opportunities for experiencing the importance of, for example, accountability, keeping agreements, honesty, and openness. There is a great emphasis in the LW workshop on assignments as a means of becoming clearer about your life, particularly your beliefs and relationships and our vision in life. The LW workshop contains direct interaction between the course Trainer and the Participants, and also amongst the participants themselves.

The Training may sometimes be confrontational and requires a genuine commitment by you, both to your own growth and to that of your fellow Participants.

The most intense confrontation will be with yourself and will involve questioning long-held beliefs, attitudes, and behavior patterns. A willingness to take such risks, and openness to alternative ways of experiencing, seeing and dealing with events and relationships is an important aspect of obtaining maximum value from The ALW workshop.


The LW workshop provides you with an opportunity and a supportive environment, in which to rediscover and experience parts of yourself that you may have denied or not developed to full potential.

Particular attention is given to the following issues:

  1. Your commitment and passion for living life to its fullest.
  2. Your relationships with your parents and the effect those relationships have on your ability and willingness to take full responsibility for the experience of your life in the present.
  3. Your experience of fear, resentment and anger as limiting your experience of life.
  4. Your willingness to approach life from a desire to be part of the solution and to make a positive contribution in your relationships, in your life and in the lives of others.
  5. Your willingness to experience yourself as the source (i.e. cause) of your experience.
  6. Being part of a team and the role that you play in player in the big picture

There are times on the LW workshop you will receive direct feedback on the way you are experienced by the other Participants and you will give such feedback to other Participants in return.

One of the themes of the LW workshop is that our presentation and our image and our attachment to it do not always serve us in our lives.

Our image is built up during the course of our lives in response to numerous situations and events and to some extent it serves as a necessary protection against hurt.

It can also develop into a barrier preventing us from experiencing relationships, or events directly and fully.

In the LW workshop you will be given an opportunity to examine your image and those parts of yourself that you have denied or which you have hidden behind your presentation of yourself or your mask.

You will have a chance to experience these other parts of yourself and learn to express them, perhaps you will be expressing them for the first time in many years.

For many people it is the rediscovery of these other parts of themselves and the experience of accepting and expressing them that is the most profound part of LW workshop.

Please be aware that if any of these issues or others that you may bring to the course have sadness or difficult feelings and emotions attached to them in the normal course of your life it is likely that these same feelings and emotions will emerge in the workshop.

Your willingness to experience these honestly and ultimately to let go of them can open up the way to a more joyful experience of life and hence the quality of life is enhanced.

The choice to do so, however, and the degree of your participation in the process, rests with you alone.

The LW workshop provides a powerful, supportive, loving and caring environment to facilitate the above.

It requires a genuine commitment and willingness on your part to examine your beliefs, behaviors and patterns.

It also takes a willingness to experience your greatness, bigness, and wholeness, and the Joy and excitement that flows from that.


In their personal and professional lives develop:

In working with and leading others, expand their capacity to:

In contributing to the organization, they will:

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