Gap Year South Africa

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The Winter Quest - June To August

It's winter! It's really cold! Tracksuits, thermal underwear, beanies, jackets and an extra warmer blanket are now necessary. The Winter Quest has a number of highlights which provide further challenges for the Warriors. Although temperatures drop at this time of year most of the activities take place where conditions range from balmy to mildly chilly. Off shore sailing, horse riding, hiking, interesting and stimulating cultural experiences and an intensive community service building program complement the many shorter experiences that the Warriors are engaged in during the Winter Quest. Without doubt, the off shore sailing and the community service project have a lasting impact on the Warriors.

EQ Fitness (Toltec)

Moving into the Winter Quest, the relevance and application of the Toltec principles become more entrenched and complement the holistic development of the Warriors.

Adventure Pursuits

The Warriors embark on a classic adventure which includes, Ocean sailing, adventure racing, a visit to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, caving, zip lining and gorge swings, Chain Ladder on Drakensberg Amphitheatre Trail, Cradle of Humankind, cycling and cycle expeditions, horse riding, a wine tour, Natal Sharks Board, Sudwala Caves, U-Shaka Marine World experience and a hike to the Tugela Falls.

Workplace Ready

Ongoing application of the Part I and Part II course material. Business game continues. Practical application of photography / film workshop.

Community Service

A practical building project for a selected disadvantaged community. A bricks and mortar commitment to construct a valued structure for a lasting impact on a community (e.g. classroom, toilets, community centre). Ongoing local community service commitments, animal shelters, old age home visits and engagement with disabled children, fund raising for selected charities.

Engagement with the natural world

Living an Eco positive life style, developing Eco positive attitudes.

Safety considerations remain a priority and whilst every effort is made to deliver the full program, we have to retain the option of flexibility depending on local conditions, weather and availability of venues. Should unavoidable changes be made, we will guarantee a similar valued experience.