Gap Year Programs for Students from the Netherlands

Welcome to Warriors Academy, Netherlands

Are you a student from the Netherlands that is stuck in a rut?

Do you want to get out of the city you have always lived in and explore new and exciting places?

Then why not join the Warriors Academy Gap Year program.

We will take you out of the Netherlands and your comfort zone at the Warriors Academy. You will be challenged through adventure while exploring all South Africa has to offer.

The Warriors Academy Gap Year program, will provide you, as a student from the Netherlands, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to step out of your comfort zones and safely explore the world around you. We aim to help students gain independence, emotional fitness and self-confidence needed to follow their passions and be successful.

Before you decide what to do with your life or pursue your studies in the Netherlands, it is time to explore the world. We have structured our gap year to include four 7-week seasonal Quests. You can choose to do the full gap year or any number of the Quests. Each Quest has its own adventure activities, soft skill workshops and personal mentoring sessions. These focus on equipping you as a young adult with emotional intelligence, time, stress and conflict management, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and so much more.

Some of the activities that you can look forward to when joining the Warriors Gap year program from the Netherlands include:

For more on the activities per quest, visit

So if you are a student from the Netherlands looking for an adventure gap year program that allows you to travel across South Africa, make friends, have unique experiences, learn about yourself and develop your confidence, then this is for you.

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