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Are you looking to explore new countries out side of the United States but arenít quite sure where to go? Then take a look at our adventure Gap Year Program.†

The Warriors Academy Program is accredited by the International Gap Year Association. The Academy has had over six hundred students come through the program over the past 19 years, many of which have been from the United States.

We have created a unique and fun-filled gap year program that provides students from the United States with a once in a lifetime experience to step out of their comfort zones and safely explore the world around them.

Our Gap Year Program specifically focuses on experiential learning through adventure activities and personal mentoring. We combine this with unique travel experiences, adventure and fun while helping students gain the independence, emotional fitness and self-confidence needed to follow their passions and be successful.

The Warriors Academy Adventure Gap Year Program is structured to include four 7-week seasonal quests. Each quest has its own set of adventure activities, soft skill workshops and personal coaching sessions.

As a student from the United States, you can look forward to the following experience and activities:†

For more on the activities per quest visit

So, if you are a student from the United States looking for an adventure gap year program that allows you to travel across South Africa, make new friends, learn about yourself, and develop your self-belief, then this is for you.†

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