The Best Gap Year Programs in South Africa

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Summer Quest (February to March)

Summer Quest in South Africa is charged with sunny skies, hot days and warm nights. Sunscreen, sunglasses, slip-slops, (beach sandals), shorts and hats are used on a daily basis. With the travelling and outdoor activities, cooling off is mainly done in natural pools. Activities mentioned happen on a daily basis bringing grounding and forming strong habits, growth and emotional wellbeing. Warrior's values and principals are applied throughout the Quest to ensure a positive outcome.

The Summer Quest is built around the Toltec Emotional Fitness course, Adventure Pursuits, Community Service, Workplace Ready courses and the Conservation Awareness and Experience components.

Emotional Fitness (Toltec) course covering:

A global/international outlook, collaborative, critical thinkers, creative innovators, EQ focused, self-reflection, leadership and followership development, team player and values focused, transformation to a solution orientated individual, generate high levels of responsibility and accountability, able to cope with change, greater emotional insight and resilience, implement self-correction, and an expanded capacity for observation, reflection and insight. This program sets the foundation for the Quests that follow and is the cornerstone of the Warriors program.

Adventure Pursuits

Abseiling, boat handling & loading, camp craft, cliff diving, cycling and cycle expeditions, Ebenezer Mile Swim, First Aid Level 1, hiking, kloofing expedition, mountain biking, orienteering, rafting expedition - The Olifants River rafting, adventure challenge race, and self-defence instruction.

Community Service

Ongoing local community service commitments, animal shelters, old age home visits and engagement with disabled children, fund raising for selected charities.

Workplace Ready

Part I Individual Framing. How to develop a professional identity and present a digital presence to the real world covering: Career considerations, personal website, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, social media etiquette, online CV, presentation skills, personal wellness and healthy lifestyle, sexuality education, time management, stress management, De Bono -thinking skills workshop, tertiary studies: what to expect and how to cope.

Engagement with the natural world

Living an Eco positive life style, developing Eco positive attitudes, interacting with the Endangered Species & Cheetah Project, the Khamai Reptile Centre, and the Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre, introduction to permaculture.

Safety considerations remain a priority and whilst every effort is made to deliver the full program, we have to retain the option of flexibility depending on local conditions, weather and availability of venues. Should unavoidable changes be made, we will guarantee a similar valued experience.

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