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8 -Day International Schools Tour

The Warriors 8-Day International Schools Tour also known as the Warriors Accelerated Scholarship Program (WASP) is an explosive adventure tour in South Africa and a great introduction to our gap year travel programs for international students. This tour is run in partnership with a number of prestigious international schools, who partly sponsor the cost for selected candidates.

The program is designed for 16-18-year old’s who are in their last two years at senior school and is scheduled to fit in with the northern hemisphere’s academic year. Participating schools will invite candidates to apply for the scholarship. Those accepted into the program will travel to South Africa and join this exciting growth-producing tour.

The program is designed to take students out of their everyday life and challenge them in new ways. The focus is on the personal growth and development of students. This is facilitated through a structured, safe adventure and experiential learning program.

Activities on the tour include:

*All activities are subject to weather and availability

This program is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, build their confidence and give them the skills and self-belief to achieve their own personal greatness. It also provides insight into our gap year programs and the travel experiences available here in South Africa. 

For more information on this program, please download the prospectus here.

International School Tour
Gap Year Travel Programs
International School Tour
Gap Year Travel Programs
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